Students can choose from a number of housing options:

Sophia University dormitories

Sophia University has several affordable dormitories with convenient transportation access. Click for more info.


A new dormitory for foreign students has been acquired in Soshigaya, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, about one hour from Yotsuya. It accommodates around 380 residents. The facility is to serve as an exchange house that embodies the ‘microcosms of the world’. It is hoped the facility will be an educational dormitory where Japanese and foreign students share their respective languages and cultures to practice ‘internationalization’ in their everyday life.
The monthly boarding fee is 40,000 yen for both foreign and Japanese students. Boarding fee subsidies of 5,000 yen per month may be available depending on students’ individual circumstances.

Private student dormitories

The University recommends several private residential facilities.

Company dormitories

Some companies offer dormitory rooms to foreign students. Information about these is posted on the Office of Student Affairs Bulletin board.

Rental apartments

Many students rent apartments on the market. However, as rental contracts often require large upfront payments, this is often unfeasible for international exchange students studying at the FLA for only (up to) one year.