Your education revolves around the courses you take. Click on the links to the left to read about a few of the courses offered in the FLA. Professors describe their intellectual and personal journeys, and students share their thoughts on each course.

The atmosphere in the classroom is dynamic which fosters a close relationship between students and Faculty, and among classmates. Course texts and lectures are linked to the real world. Many classes have an international emphasis, while others take you into Tokyo’s museums, archives, or other historical and public spaces. In art history courses you may visit museums to view objects under discussion or to decide on the topic of a paper. In literature courses you may visit neighborhoods, such as Ginza, that are often mentioned in novels. For an anthropology course, you may conduct onsite studies of public space in trains, restaurants, and sidewalks. History professors take students to historical sites to map out the past of modern Tokyo. To study consumer behavior in a marketing course, students may interview young people in the popular district of Shibuya. In an NGO course, students can volunteer in Tokyo food distribution centers or help out with disaster relief operations in northern Japan.In your first or second year, lecture courses introduce you to a discipline. When you choose your major field, upper- level lectures will give you more background, and advanced seminars allow you to delve more deeply into issues that interest you. You can also take many elective courses to explore additional disciplines.