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Global Economy: Opportunities for FLA Students

The global labor market has changed a great deal in the past 10 years, both in Japan and around the world. We live in a global economy that requires new skills and capacities. Students from other universities might see this as intimidating; FLA graduates see this as an opportunity. Our classes are to international standards, allowing you to develop skills and capacities useful in all facets of your adult life. We provide a foundation that will carry you into the future.
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The Sophia Brand - FLA Advantage

Sophia is not only a dedicated teaching and research university – it is also a brand that employers, NPOs and other universities recognize and trust. Employers are proud to hire our graduates. As you begin your job search, you will be happy to know that top companies come to the Sophia campus to find FLA graduates - to find you! Companies know that our graduates are multilingual and multicultural, that they are flexible thinkers and adaptive learners, and that they are cooperative individuals able, prepared, and willing to lead in Japan and abroad.
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Support for Your Job Hunt

At the FLA, we take seriously our obligation to help you find meaningful and challenging employment after you graduate. Because FLA graduates usually seek the types of jobs that other faculties’ students do not, our Career Center and the FLA work together to support you. We show you how to focus your career goals, how to write an international resume and how to prepare for job interviews in English. We facilitate a series of events designed to let you hear directly from our alumni and make connections. Through the University internship office and the Sophia Network website, you can find a wide range of opportunities for paid and unpaid internships in Tokyo during the school year. There are also opportunities outside of Tokyo – and even outside of Japan – during breaks, that similarly provide you with a chance to gain important ‘real world’ skills, connections and experiences.
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