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Excellence in Academics

Are you ready to be serious and ready to make the most of your four years of college? This is your opportunity to discover your intellectual passions and open your eyes to new possibilities. Our professors, trained at the best universities in the world, will push you to succeed to a global academic standard.
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A Different Approach to Learning

Your FLA experience will differ hugely from your high school one. In high school, you were given knowledge and information to memorize; here, we will provide tools and concepts so you can find the information and knowledge yourself. Professors will challenge you, ‘Explore,’ ‘Investigate,’ ‘Figure it out for yourself!’ We also expect you to express your position, to explain why you think the way you do, and support it with data, evidence and argument. Your opinion matters in our classes. It’s the way we learn.

Our curriculum also takes advantage of what the global city Tokyo has to offer. Our classes turn the city into the most exciting classroom in the world – visiting companies and factories to understand management; studying historic and literary sites to understand the past in the present; and conducting fieldwork in vibrant city districts such as Shibuya and Akihabara. Many of our courses have an international emphasis, while our students, with their diverse cultural backgrounds, are able to provide unique perspectives into some of the issues facing the ‘global village.’
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Our Professors: Exploring the Frontiers of Research and Beyond

All our professors keep an active and serious research profile themselves. Many are internationally recognized experts in Japanese, Asian, and Comparative Studies, and work on issues of national and global relevance. They conduct research all over the world, and publish their findings in top Japanese and international journals. Their research allows students access to the cutting-edge in each class.

Professors participate in collaborative projects at Sophia’s research institutes such as the Institute of Comparative Culture, and edit and contribute to Monumenta Nipponica, a leading journal in Japanese Studies. They also actively serve their communities and the world. Professors’ expertise and know-how cultivated through these activities enrich their teaching and commitment to learning.
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