Center of Japan; Hub of Asia

With a population of about 14 million – rising to nearly 20 million on weekdays when commuters arrive for work – Tokyo is the quintessential metropolis. But it is also composed of scores of small, intimate "towns", each with its own character and rhythms. From the soaring towers and flashing neon of Shinjuku to the wooden temple structures of Asakusa, from the bustling center of political power in Kasumigaseki to the large ethnic enclaves of Ōkubo, and from the quiet refinement of Ginza to the otaku Mecca of Akihabara, Tokyo has something to suit every taste and personality. Steeped in Japan’s historical and cultural heritage, even as it is enriched by people from around world, Tokyo offers near unlimited opportunities for exploration, education, and delight.

Just as our campus is a part of Tokyo – located in the very heart of the city – so the city is a part of our campus.   Tokyo is, in other words, more than a backdrop for Sophia University; it is also a resource and an object of study. Virtually all of our classes draw upon the huge cultural and institutional resources within the city, including libraries, museums, art galleries, historical landmarks, archives, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Japanese Diet, and top Japanese companies. When you find an internship, chances are it will be right here in Tokyo. And when you begin looking for a job, it is good to know that every major Japanese and international company is based just a few train stops away. 

Tokyo is clean and safe and easy to get around. The low crime rate is famous, and the efficiency of the city’s public transportation is legendary. At Sophia you are a short train ride away from anywhere within Tokyo; in Tokyo you have easy access to the rest of Japan; and in Japan you are well situated to explore the rest of Asia.