Your Four Years at the FLA

Hone basic skills in the Core Program and General Studies courses. During the first semesters, small classes attuned to your needs provide individual attention to help sharpen the reading, writing, speaking and analytic skills necessary for further study.

Begin introductory courses in liberal arts as a freshman. The 200 level courses introduce you to academic disciplines. Lectures pique your interest and start you thinking about a possible major.

Choose a major as a sophomore. The three majors are: Comparative Culture (art history, literature, philosophy, religion), International Business and Economics, and Social Studies (anthropology, history, political science, sociology).

Plunge into your chosen major. Intermediate 300-level courses deepen your grounding while the 400-level advanced seminars let you pursue topics in small classes that encourage lively discussions.
See Meet the Professors.

Native Japanese speakers choose from among a dozen languages while others study in the comprehensive Japanese language program. Additionally, special courses for native Japanese speakers further hone their Japanese communication skills.