Welcome to the Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA) at Sophia University.

Originally established in 1949 as the International Division of the university, we are Japan’s oldest and best-known undergraduate program that offers all of its courses in English. Located at the heart of the vibrant global city of Tokyo, the FLA is a cosmopolitan community of students, scholars, staff, and alumni. We provide unique opportunities to learn about the changing realities of the globalizing world and its relationships with local, especially Japanese, societies and cultures from a wide range of perspectives. As such, we also attract a large number of exchange students every semester from all over the world.

Our courses are structured around three multidisciplinary majors: Comparative Culture, International Business and Economics, and Social Studies. Our internationally acclaimed faculty work hard with dedicated administrative staff to ensure that students acquire cross-national knowledge and sensitivities, strong analytical and communication skills, and deep academic understanding of their chosen subjects that they will need for professional careers in international affairs and business, as well as academic research.

We live in interesting, if testing, times. Our mission to pursue the truth and to do good as global citizens is more important than ever. I encourage you to explore our website as well as our brochures to learn more about what the FLA has to offer. We care and we dare. We hope that you do too.

Koichi Nakano
Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts